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L’assoiazione FOOD FOR MARTIANS è stata fondata da un gruppo di tecnici, ricercatori nel settore della salute e dell’alimentazione ed  esperti di comunicazione e diritto agro-alimentare.

FOOD FOR MARTIANS is a non-profit organization which pursues social solidarity purposes and carries out its activity in the interest of research, higher technical training and specialized training. The main topics of the association focus on: food production by performing low environmental impact production systems; promoting food safety and a healthy life style for present and future generations; preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems; maintenance of food traditions and typicality; development of innovative production systems leading to safe and healthy feeds and foods; promoting circular economy and economic equity; valorization of natural and human resources. The association promotes models of fair and sustainable development to support individuals, communities and disadvantaged populations in order to care for human life by promoting policies able to ensure food, clean water and energy. The association also promotes studies, scientific research and training in the field of nutrition, nutraceuticals, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, epigenetics and social and nutritional marketing.

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